Love Might Be Written in the Stars in Compelling Constellations

By Patrick Hurley

The contrast between the fractured theoretical and the temporal hinges upon the smallest of variables, and is reliant on the infinite number of possibilities that determine the course of one’s life.  How then can we justify the experiences we have as being the only possible actualities in a universe filled with alternatives? Continue reading “Love Might Be Written in the Stars in Compelling Constellations”


The Pride Gets Stuck in The Past

By Patrick Hurley

There are moments in Alexi Kaye Campbell’s play The Pride, playing now through July 9, at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, where the intentions of the playwright seem to peek through the swathes of heavy-handedness, and the clutter of exposition, shedding a little light on the ever changing views toward homosexuality. The trouble though, unfortunately may be that what is shown isn’t so much progress as it is penance.  Continue reading “The Pride Gets Stuck in The Past”

“Bitch” Author Seeks Better Representation

By Patrick Hurley

Facing adversity and not backing down to the challenge, Sacha Elie has written, directed and is starring in her powerful one-woman show Who you Calling a Bitch?!?  At the Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood. Continue reading ““Bitch” Author Seeks Better Representation”

Harmony Boys Bring Yuletide Silliness to Fringe

By Patrick Hurley

Just in time for the Holidays, or…I guess the summer holiday? No, it must be that time of year again.  Yes, it’s the Hollywood Fringe Fest! Where else would you see the uproariously funny, politically incorrect Christmas special A Harmony Boys Christmas in the middle of June? Continue reading “Harmony Boys Bring Yuletide Silliness to Fringe”

Game On For These Gamers

By Patrick Hurley


p_4383_i_8917158Video games, Lithuanian pastries, and raging optimism are just a few aspects that make up Gamers, a new play by Scott Barnhardt, playing now at the Studio/Stage as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Continue reading “Game On For These Gamers”

Truths Speaks Volumes

 By Patrick Hurley

Jeanne Sakata’s solo show Hold These Truths, playing now at the Pasadena Playhouse, recounts the remarkable journey of Gordon Hirabayashi (Ryun Yu) who was a young Japanese man at the start of World War II, and whose defiance and determination to oppose the United States Government’s orders to incarcerate Japanese-American citizens in internment camps following the attack on Pearl Harbor, leads him on a forty-year journey of self discovery, racial identity, and what it means to fight assimilation.   Continue reading “Truths Speaks Volumes”

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